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Your sense of taste in music, clothing and food is exquisite. People admire your aesthetic feeling and admit your unique style. Your taste also manifests in food.

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People born on the 30th day of the month are gourmets and usually see food as more than just a way of nourishment. Taste and sensual feelings have an important place in your life. You are exposed to mood swings. The lifestyle of yours demands more focus and when you are unable to concentrate on something the feeling of huge disappointment in yourself makes you sad even more. You need to see a clear vision of your goal, even a small one. Don't let your talents and amazing taste become wasted.

Numerology Life Path Biblical Numerology. In mathematics, especially geometry, the numbers 3 and 30 play important roles. Triangles have three sides and the special ratios inherent in triangles is what makes land surveying possible.

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Before anyone can come and build on land, surveyors come and measure the land through a system called triangulation, which is a system of laying imaginary right triangles over a plot of land and calculating according to their inherent rations, all of which are based on 3 and The number 3 is also vitally important in music and art.

In music, the Viennese Waltz is always written in a 3 beat per measure time signature, and 3 note patterns called triads form the harmonic backbone of all music since Bach.

There are also 30 total major and minor keys in Western tonal music. In art, color theory is based on the 3 primary colors. Whether your taste in art is realistic or abstract, you cannot escape the functioning of the energy 3 that is the root of the number The number 30 is your birth number if you were born on the 30th of any month.

You will always want to be involved in creative activities that involve meeting people and having fun.

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They make friends easily and find lovers very easily. The number 3 is associated with the sign of Gemini in Astrology and the Empress card in the Tarot is associated with the planet Venus. As a reward for your devotion to a noble person, government or family member in that previously life, the Angels or Ascended Masters have given you an incredible gift of creative energy and charisma in this life. Just know that your purpose is to put those creative energies to work in whatever capacity is available to you.

Last Updated on September 14th, The Meaning of Number 30 In Numerology we study the secret power that is hidden within the numbers that we encounter in our experience.

Birthday Number 30 – Love and Family

Numerology Meaning of Number 30 In Numerology we evaluate multi-digit numbers like 30 by reducing them to a single digit root number. Things Always Come in Threes Anyone who has ever knocked on a door knows how difficult it is to stop at knock number 2. Number 30 as Your Birth Number The number 30 is your birth number if you were born on the 30th of any month.

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